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Make your own 6 Plastic-Free Christmas Crackers - Christmas Pudding

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DIY Christmas crackers with hand made Christmas pudding on each.

This set comes with contents so that 6 crackers can be made with a hat, a joke or fact or optical illusion, and a toy (a mini thaumatrope/ shadow puppet in the shape of Christmas tree with 'lights'/ mini star stencil/paper pencil spinner/mini notebook/Snowman shadow puppet ). As much as we like trinkets that are usually found inside other crackers, they are not made in the UK so we make our own!

Cracker length: 23cm.

Materials: All recycled paper. Cracker card is 130gsm, thinner than a lot of crackers but far more eco-friendly and still as effective.

Not to be sold to persons under the age of 12. This is not a toy. Adult supervision required.

Our crackers and cracker contents are all sourced and handmade in the UK, but the cracker snaps are manufactured in China and are certified under British Standards 7114 (1988) Part 2 Construction & Performance. You are welcome to request the crackers without the snap.

Likewise, the hats are shipped from overseas and we are bringing in a new solution soon.