Blackwork Bunny Embroidery kit with reclaimed fabric

Blackwork Bunny Embroidery kit with reclaimed fabric

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This embroidery kit is a great way for kids to learn some stitching basics and embroidery history and follow the guidelines whilst being creative. A wonderful, mindful activity for boys and girls to take time away from other, noisier activities and relax while creating a work of art. Have fun!


Bamboo wood embroidery frame
Piece of reclaimed fabric (calico or similar) with design guide
Size 7 embroidery needle
Embroidery thread in black


You will need a pair of scissors.

We recommend this kit for age 7+ with adult supervision for younger users to help navigate the stitches.


  • 100% Plastic free supply chain
  • Packaging Recyclable
  • Surplus fabric otherwise doomed for landfill
  • Embroidery Frame made in the UK
  • Needles not made in the UK but the only ones that are sold plastic free