The Paper Party Bag Shop and One Tribe are working together to protect rainforest with every purchase you make. Now when you purchase from The Paper Party Bag Shop you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help improve the carbon footprint of your purchase. Click on this lovely mustard bit for more information!

Our Corporate Mission Statement


Our mission is to reduce the huge amount of throwaway plastic currently in children’s parties and during craft time and to replace it with environmentally friendly and ethically sourced alternatives.

By making people aware of our products and ethics we hope to spread awareness of plastic alternatives - not only so that they will purchase our products but so that they will use their buying powers more responsibly when buying products from other brands too.

We will continue to make our products in as fluid a way as possible to enable us to change should we feel we are not using the best ethical or eco practices based on the latest scientific evidence.

We use no plastic in any of our toys and, if not recyclable paper or card, our packaging is made from potato/corn starch and compostable when disposed of correctly - there is clear labelling for this. 

All the paper we buy to use in our products have one or more of the following: FSC certified / NAPM Approved / EU Ecolabel / Blue Angel and the large majority are TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) or sourced from sorted waste which is neither bleached nor coloured. 



Our packaging design is simple, modern and gender neutral - the focus is the toy.

We encourage children and parents to learn something from our toys which will enable them to recreate them using materials they may already have that can be reused.

Supplier Code of Conduct 

We will continue to ask suppliers questions and ask that they agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct regarding their social and environmental performance. We will only use those who share our values so we can continue to use no plastic, to our knowledge, in our supply chain as well as encouraging other companies to move forward in this direction.

We are 100% UK production in our own products and will always strive to use UK materials.

We use overseas brands who hand-make their sustainable products. These countries are Portugal, France, Lithuania and Greece. We will alway look for UK alternatives where possible.


We will not attend trade fairs in other countries and all overseas business meetings will take place over zoom. We do not sell overseas. 


Ethical marketing, advertisement, or customer engagement


When photoshoots are taken with children we shall champion diversity. 

Our voice is to be kind. We are not to make people feel guilty or ashamed if they have bought plastic products currently or in the past. We understand that, usually, the eco-friendly or plastic free option is the most expensive and that it is not available to all.

We do not flaunt the eco-friendly party bag as a must-have for parents throwing parties - we mention the fact that we are a great alternative to of the plastic filled ones but we often repeat the message and believe that there is ‘nothing wrong with giving kids a slice of cake to take home’. 

We try to have low cost items and include all price ranges - this is difficult but we are always striving to improve it. We have a small selection of free downloadable sheets on our website and our toys encourage learning so that they can make the same product on materials they may find around the house.

We are 95% positive in the language we use and only get cross when we believe it is useful to promote the passion we have about being eco-friendly.