The Paper Party Bag Shop and One Tribe are working together to protect rainforest with every purchase you make. Now when you purchase from The Paper Party Bag Shop you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help improve the carbon footprint of your purchase. Click on this lovely mustard bit for more information!


We have created these logos for you to use as a helpful and reassuring guide when buying our products. Please bear with us as we update our store over the coming week.
Recyclable Toy Logo
The Recyclable Icon is used in most of if not all of our products, this means that the toy is fully recyclable.  
Handmade Toy Logo
The Handmade Icon is used to let you know where we have actually handmade our products, not just popping them into their packaging - but the making part as well! Our makers are not just UK based, but local to us. And importantly they are all grown-ups! See our Code of Ethics (to be updated in the week) with more information.
Less Waste Toy Logo
The Less-Waste Icon is used to let you know where we have reduced our materials so we have used only the essentials for packaging/instructions/safety warnings. There's no need for a pocket inside a pocket now is there! We also only use the size we need to fulfill our purpose - fun! We speak to our manufacturers regularly to find out how we can use surplus paper and card, we also store a lot of our off-cuts as we know we will use them other products now and in future.
Compostable Packaging Logo
The Compostable Icon relates to the sleeve, though our paper products will compost too - that's just not the process we want to define here.
Locally made toy Logo
The Locally Produced Icon does what it says on the tin - it is made by us or really near to us (within 20miles). The rest of our products are made in the UK, we only have three products which come from overseas: France, Lithuania and Portugal. Because the products are so wonderful, we made the exception.
Traceable Toy Logo
We know where almost 95% of all our products and materials come from, we think that's pretty good. We also want you to know when we could find out the name of the person or people who have made your product, because that's a really lovely thing to know.