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About Us

After struggling to find fun and non-plastic toys for my daughter's 5th birthday party I decided to find alternative ideas and make my own. I'd given books before, and seeds - this time I wanted classic party bag fillers that were totally plastic free but there were none. The party in question was large and I was determined not to add to the hideous problem of plastic pollution and gifts for the sake of gifts at any cost.

In my mind there needed to be a solution.  I launched The Paper Party Bag Shop in Feb 2018  - creating a one-stop shop for non-plastic, eco-friendly and, most importantly, fun goodies and bags to the ubiquitous take home party bags at kids birthday parties. I will stop doing this when I no longer think we're the best in terms of honesty and style in this field, but until then I want to provide what I think is the most stylish and sustainable solution to the seemingly never ending horror of cheap and one-use plastic toys. 

We use NO plastic in any of our toys and the packaging is made from potato/corn starch and compostable when disposed of correctly. We only use suppliers who share our values so there is no plastic in our supply chain. Our packaging design is simple, modern and gender neutral - the focus is the toy.

So, grown-ups, I hope you like them - buy them, give them, and enjoy them knowing that they are all thoughtful gifts that won't cost the earth and end up in a land fill or ocean somewhere.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Liz x