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Decorate and Assemble your own Paper Kites

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Our new kite kits come with three pre-folded kites, one made from seed paper, one from recycled kraft paper and one from surplus map paper.

Along with the pure fun of flying a kite, your little ones can also start to learn the basics of aerodynamics and what makes a kite fly, with a simple checklist to note their recordings.

The simple kite is pre-folded and kids will need to attach string on the holes provided, then can decorate with the pre-cut paper ribbons and decorate the plain Kraft paper kite before adding the straw if they think necessary.

Included: 3 pre-folded kites (seed paper, recycled kraft paper and surplus map paper), string for kite and ribbons to decorate, paper straw for added structure. Instructions to make more!

Size of each kite approx 15 x 16cm
Recommended age 4+
Made in the UK

Materials all paper with the addition of eco-friendly adhesive within the kites.

 TraceableRecyclableLocally ProducedLess WasteHandmade